Newton had an interesting story,
He did not give birth to gravity,
He did not fall in love with his discovery.
He simply fell in love with the idea of discovering,
Like we fall in love with the idea of falling in love.
Because no captain steering our hearts ever tells us,
That we have trees already planted inside our bodies,
Pouring oxygen into our bones,
For days when we could build our homes closer,
So we could sleep a little longer,
And we could breathe a little slower
And no captain will ever tell us this.
So we go down like a shipwreck,
And hold the holy water close to our mouths,
And spit in it,
We scratch our backs with pen knives,
And we run away with prescriptions,
So we could run them through the water
So we could leave no traces,
And we could go back home and,
sleep with our lovers naked.


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